We have just added:

2 Asian Palm Civets to our collection

8 Adults and 2 babies

They are all housed in a brand new purpose built enclosure with a large indoor area heated permanently at 23 degrees c and a huge outdoor area full of items of fun, play and enrichment

Photography workshops 2019

Our new dates for our Birds Of Prey Photography Days and Workshops are as follows:

2019 dates to follow

Prices are only £60 per person

A £20 deposit secures your place

Our days start at 9:15 am finishing around 12:30 pm

You will be able to photograph our birds of prey and owls in our natural farmland style surroundings using natural props, and photograph some of them free flying untethered and without jesses.

These photography days are suitable for complete beginners to seasoned professionals and we are on hand throughout the day to help and assist you, whether it’s camera settings or composition.

For more information take a look at our new dedicated photography workshop website, or to book your place send us a message to


We Fly a variety of birds every day at 1pm

*weather permitting


Barn owl

Boobook owl


Tawny owl

Great grey owl

European eagle owl



Lanner falcon

All flown with no leather anklets or training, all free flying

Get close and very personal with our birds