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Café & Gift Shop


There is currently no café on our site, however there is one less than 1 minute walk away and you are able to come and go into the park as much as you like with the wrist band given with your entrance.

The café has hot and cold food, most of which is homemade and is reasonably priced.

Bridlington Animal Park wish to make it clear that we are in no way responsible for purchases made at the Park Rose café.

Picnics are encouraged and we have a dedicated picnic area with its own hand washing facility.

Gift shop

Take a toy or book away with you and carry on learning about our amazing wildlife from the comfort of home!

Wherever possible, our products are sourced from sustainable, environmentally-friendly suppliers.

Discover items rarely found on the high street including jewellery, collectables and branded items and stationery.

We make every effort to eliminate products that use unsustainable palm oil as they can be directly attributed to the destruction of rainforest wildlife habitats.