Green Ethos

Here at Bridlington Animal Park we are committed to protecting our local environment and future-proofing the park to reduce our carbon impact as well as teaching the next generation how to care for the natural world and become more sustainable. We are the proud winners of multiple awards for our sustainable efforts. We try to set an example to our visitors and test out ideas that can help the planet. These range from composting to ethical trading and avoiding wherever possible the use of palm oil (plantations are destroying orang utan habitat in South East Asia).

A ticket on the number 100 East Yorkshire bus provides discounted Zoo entry (adult and child tickets only).
The 100 bus service runs between Bridlington city centre and the Zoo.
City Sightseeing buses also offer discounts to the Zoo. This service runs every 90 minutes, increasing to every 60 minutes during school summer holidays and weekends. We will also offer a discount to people who have cycled to the animal park (proof required e.g. cycle helmet). We hope that these offers will encourage people to use public ethical transport solutions.

We use energy efficient light bulbs – Our on-site maintenance have been able to replace almost all inefficient light fittings with new LED light fittings and energy efficient bulbs. These lights are reducing our environmental impact and energy consumption.

All our animal feed is bought from local suppliers from Beeford, Leven and Driffield.

Our shop stock is where possible bought from ethical suppliers, such as Nature Planet and Pineapple island. Both freedom trade and Plan international are supported by these companies. We also have some local produced products made from ethically sourced wood.

We use recycled enrichment – Our keepers are always looking for innovative ways to enrich the lives of all our animals. They often use waste products from local businesses, reducing both our environmental footprint as well as supporting local business in costs of disposing of waste. Sustainable enrichment has included using Christmas trees from local garden centres, scrap wood and old boxes.

We help local businesses recycle – We accept donations from local businesses of fruit and vegetables from a number of local suppliers which can be fed to our animals.

We have our own honey bee hives which not only contributes to the survival of the species, but provides us with honey for our meerkats, monkeys and parrots.

We keep chickens to provide us with fresh eggs for animal food, for the civets, raccoons and meerkats.

We recycle – Approximately 95% of waste on site is recycled, our aim is to limit the amount of waste sent to landfill.

We recycle water – Bridlington Animal Park uses rainwater harvesting for several exhibits on site.  Surplus rainwater is passed through our recycling system and used around the rest of the zoo.

Education is important to us – We have a dedicated education team who work with local schools teaching them about animals and conservation in workshops. We run regular educational events and organise local beach clean up days.