Photography Workshops

Welcome to our
Birds Of Prey Photography workshops

You can photograph iconic Birds Of Prey & Owls in natural woodland settings with various props. What we offer is an interactive experience like no other, some of our birds like to use photographers and their camera equipment as perches.
Our centre is quite unique as most of our birds free fly without tethers or jesses.
Our days start around 9am and finish around 12:30pm. We offer tea/coffee and refreshments on arrival and throughout the day, and we have a purpose built classroom where you can review your photos.
Once we have finished our photography day you are welcome to stay in our park to visit and photograph all the other animals and birds in our park.
Our photography workshops are suitable for photographers of all levels of experience from complete beginners to seasoned professionals, why not join us one one of our days that we run throughout the year.

2020 dates:

Sat 25th April	- Places available
Sun 26th April 	- Places available
Sat 16th May	- Places available
Sun 24th May	- Places available 	- EVENING WORKSHOP
Sat 13th June	- Places available
Sun 21st June	- Places available 
Sun 28th June	- Places available
Wed 22nd July  	- Places available	- EVENING WORKSHOP
Wed 19th Aug	- Places available	- EVENING WORKSHOP
Sun 20th Sept	- Places available

The team:

Paul is our head bird trainer and is on hand throughout the day. His knowledge of all the birds in his care is second to none.

Richelle, our assistant bird trainer, is passionate about all the birds of prey she works with.

Lee, one of our Photographers, is on hand to give any advice on camera settings and composition, giving you the best advice to make sure you capture memorable images from your visit.

Mark, a local professional photographer, will show you how to make the most out of your camera and how to get some stunning wildlife photographs without spends days or even weeks up to your eyes in mud waiting for the perfect opportunity.