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Patagonian Mara

Dolichotis Patagonum

One of the most unusual looking rodents in the world, the Patagonian mara has long ears resembling a hare and a body resembling that of a small deer, they are the fourth largest rodent in the world. Mara can walk, hop, gallop and bounce on all four legs. They have been clocked at 28mph!

Mara are strictly monogamous and mate for life, typically having 1-3 offspring a year. Females mara come into breeding season for only 30 minutes each season! Mara babies are very well developed when they are born usually grazing within the first 24 hours of their life. Females reach sexual maturity at 3 months old, males at 6 months old.

Mara are preyed upon by cats, foxes and birds of prey. In order to avoid predators maras use their acute eyesight and hearing to locate danger, and their white rump colouration as a warning signal to other mara.

Patagonian Mara

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Conservation Status:



Argentina, South America


Arid grasslands with shrub cover; they are also found in areas with overgrazed and barren soils


Grasses, cacti, leaves, herbs






97-100 days

Life Span:

7-10 yrs