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Leopard Tortoise

Stigmochelys Pardalis

The Leopard Tortoise is the fourth largest tortoise in the world and can grow to 70 centimetres in length and weigh 54 kilograms. This species is easily recognised by their domed carapaces with contrasting black and yellow patterns.

Tortoises are well-known for their hard outer shell that protects them from predators. This shell can range in size from a few centimetres to a couple of metres, depending on the species. The African Speckled Tortoise is the world’s smallest tortoise reaching a maximum carapace (the shell’s top) length of 11 centimetres.

During courtship males compete by pushing and butting rivals; husky cries are uttered by the male during copulation. Clutches are from 5 to 30 eggs, deposited in nests dug by the female, sometimes in instalments. Hatching time under low humidity, is long; from 4 to 18 months have been recorded.

Leopard Tortoise

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Conservation Status:

Least concern


Southern and Southwest Africa


Shrubland and savannah


Grasses, succulents, prickly pear

Carapace length:




Incubation period:

5-12 months

Life Span:

50-100 yrs