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Grant’s Zebra

Equus Quagga Boehmi

Grant’s zebra is the smallest of the seven sub species of plains zebra. They are usually found living in central and southern Africa in countries such as Kenya, Tanzania and Zambia. Grant’s zebras have vertical stripes on front, horizontal stripes on their back legs and diagonal stripes in between. The patterns are unique to each zebra almost like a fingerprint and can be used to identify indivuals.

Wild zebras live in family groups which are usually led by a dominant male (or stallion) who will protect the females and the young. Zebra foals can stand almost immediately after they are born so they are capable of escaping predators from a young age. Young are weaned between 7-11 months old and will disperse from their family group between 1-3 years as they reach maturity.

When zebras see a predator approaching they gather together in a large group so the predator can only see a mass of stripes. Zebras have a very powerful kick and if forced to face a predator they will use this to defend themselves. A well placed zebra kick is powerful enough to kill a fully grown hyena!

grants zebra

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Conservation Status:



Central and south Africa


Grasslands and savannah woodlands


Grasses, leaves, and twigs






11-13 months

Life Span:

25-30 yrs