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Boer Goat

Capra Aegagrus Hircus

Boer Goats, originating from South Africa, are a highly regarded breed primarily bred for their exceptional meat quality, often considered the finest goat meat worldwide. These goats made their initial entry into Britain in 1987, captivating enthusiasts with their impressive attributes.

Not only are Boer Goats renowned for their meat, but they also possess an amiable nature that makes them particularly enjoyable to interact with. Their friendly disposition contributes to their popularity as they readily engage with humans. Additionally, these goats have a voracious appetite and relish consuming a variety of animal feed, exhibiting their enthusiasm for devouring whatever is provided to them.

Goats communicate by bleating; mothers often bleat to their young (kids) to ensure their welfare. As soon as a kid is born it recognises its mother’s bleats and the mother instinctively knows the sound of her kid’s bleats too.

Boer Goat

fun facts

Conservation Status:



South Africa


Grassland, scrubland and woodland


Grass, hay, leaves, vegetables and grains






150 days

Life Span:

8-12 yrs