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Yellow crowned amazon

Amazona Ochrocephala

The yellow crowned amazon is covered with green feathers across the back. A number of subspecies exist and these have variable coloration. They have yellow feathers on their head which may be just a small patch above the beak or across much of their head. A red bar runs across the front of each wing. Each wing often has a bluish tip.

They are an important part of the food web and ecosystem in their habitat. They will drop much of their feed while they eat. This provides food to animals such as tortoises which will pick up the scraps. The yellow-crowned amazons will also ingest seeds which are softened as they go through the digestive tract. They can then excrete this which helps them to germinate in the soil and grow new trees.

Yellow-crowned amazons are monogamous with pairs remaining together for life. To attract a mate they will bow, droop and flick their wings, raise their foot and dilate their pupils. These birds will form flocks of up to 30 birds with many flocks coming together at feeding sites. They have a range of loud vocalizations including shrieks, whistles squawks and screeches.

Yellow crowned Amazon

fun facts

Conservation Status:

Least concern


Central and South America


Rainforest, woodland, mangrove, savanna


Fruits, berries, seeds, nuts, flowers





Incubation period:

24-27 days

Life Span:

70-100 yrs