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Timneh African Grey

Psittacus timneh

Smaller than the better known Congo African Grey parrot, these Timneh cousins are also thought to be somewhat more gentle in nature. As its name suggests, the Timneh African Grey naturally inhabits the continent of Africa. Specifically, populations exist in parts of Côte d’Ivoire, Guinea, the islands off the coast of Guinea-Bissau, and most of Liberia and Sierra Leone.

Although quite similar to the closely related Congo African Grey, Timneh African Grey Parrot is much darker in colour. The body is almost entirely dark grey, with lighter gradients on the bottom, around the eyes and on the legs. A distinct feature is their tail which is colored in a unique dark red. The upper beak is the colour of a horn, which is another feature unique to these parrots.

They can develop an incredible vocabulary of up to 200 words, and they can mimic almost any sound or voice they hear in a crystal clear tone, and in exactly the same way.

They prefer to flock together in large groups which helps with avoidance of predation.

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Conservation Status:



West Africa


Mangroves, dense forests, savannah


Seeds, fruits, palm nuts, leafy matter





Incubation period:

28-30 days

Life Span:

40-60 yrs