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Skinny Pig

Cavia Porcellus

The skinny pig is a breed of almost hairless guinea pig, having only small amounts of hair on their face and feet. Originally bred in the 1970s in Montreal, Canada in labs for dermatological testing, they have since become popular in the pet industry.

They can’t live outside because they feel the cold too much so must be kept in a warm, heated house. They can spend some time outside during the warmer months, however their skin is very sensitive and prone to sun burn so they need to provided with protection from the sun or suncream put on their skin. They have a higher metabolism than Guinea Pigs with fur because they need to maintain their body heat. This means they eat much more food, munching all day if possible!

Skinny pigs are very social creatures, living in large groups, they communicate through teeth chatting and squeals. They are very vocal animals and will learn to squeal at humans that provide food. They will affirm bonds by grooming each other and huddle together to keep warm.

fun facts

Conservation Status:



Only kept in captivity




Hay, grasses, vegatebles, fruit, commercial pellets






60-70 days

Life Span:

5-8 yrs