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Mealy amazon parrot

Amazona farinose

The Mealy Amazon Parrot bird is one of the largest Amazon parrot species. Unlike other Amazon parrots, these birds are known for their docile and calm behaviour. While these beautiful big birds may not have exceptional talking abilities and flashy colours like other parrots, they compensate with their affectionate and loving personality.

Initially identified in the 1780s, these birds inhabit the tropical rainforests and woodlands in the canopies and tree holes. Despite their wide distribution, farmers have encroached most of their habitat, which threatens their existence. Farmers treat these birds as pests because they attack their farm crops as a food source.

The southern mealy amazon is social and can be found in pairs or in large flocks. They are even known to interact with other parrots, such as macaws. They are usually quiet but can be loud at dusk and dawn.

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Conservation Status:

Near threatened


Central and South America


Tropical and subtropical rainforests


Fruits, seeds, berries, blossoms, leaf buds





Incubation period:

24-26 days

Life Span:

40-60 yrs