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Large Hairy Armadillo

Chaetophractus Villosus

The large hairy armadillo is one of the most abundant species of armadillo in South America and can be found in grasslands, forests and savannahs. They are found in regions of Bolivia, Paraguay, Argentina and Eastern Chile.

The armadillo’s head and body are covered with protective bony plates. The plates on its back are flexible, although they do provide a very protective coating against their natural predators. This species is more hairy than other armadillo species with its underside densely covered in hair, which project from their bony plates. They also have powerful front claws for foraging and avoiding predators.

They have a specialised respiratory system which allows them to breathe the air that fills the space between the soil particles when completely covered in soil, without inhaling the soil itself.

6 banded armadillo

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Conservation Status:

Least concern


South America (Bolivia, Paraguay, Argentina and eastern Chile)


Grassland, forest, savannah, shrubland


Plants, insects, small vertebrates






60-75 days

Life Span:

30 yrs