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Indian Star Tortoise

Geochelone Elegans

The Indian star tortoise is a species of tortoise with a highly rounded shell. Their name comes from the star-like pattern on their shell. These patterns act as camouflage by helping to break up the shell outline so that it more easily blends into its surroundings.

Indian star tortoises are placid, slow-moving creatures. Outside of the mating season, they tend to be reclusive and solitary. Like most tortoises, they are typically diurnal, meaning that they are awake during the day and asleep during the night. However, some may be considered crepuscular, meaning that they become more active during twilight.

Indian star tortoises do not have ears on the outside of their bodies. The Indian star tortoise has ears that are covered by a flap of skin. Their ears are located on the side of their head, just behind their eyes. Tortoises do not hear sound but feel vibrations in the ground which is then transmitted to the eardrum.

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Conservation Status:



India, Sri Lanka and Pakistan


Dry forests


Grasses, leaves, flowers and fallen fruits

Carapace length:




Incubation period:

47-180 days

Life Span:

30-80 yrs