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Goffins cockatoo

Cacatua goffini

The Goffin’s cockatoo is often confused with the bare-eyed cockatoo. It is mostly white with touches of light salmon or pink on either side of their beaks. The salmon colour also appears close to the head when the bird fans out his crest. Under the wings, you might notice a pale yellow on the feathers, making their flight a beautiful sight.

Goffin’s cockatoos have a reputation for being very social and affectionate. They are playful, curious, and active birds. They may be one of the smaller cockatoos, but they have a big bird personality and are quite fun-loving and gregarious.

A scientific study put Goffin’s to the test and found them to have extraordinary problem-solving skills when it came to mechanics. Ten birds were tested on various interlocking devices, and most figured out the puzzles after just one failed attempt. Some required a demonstration from humans, while another bird figured it out on its own.

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Conservation Status:

Near threatened




Tropical forests and rainforests


Fruits, nuts, berries, blossoms, roots and leaf buds





Incubation period:

24-26 days

Life Span:

40-60 yrs