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Diamond dove

Geopelia cuneata

Diamond doves are small species found in Australia, because of their colours and quick breeding they have become a popular species in captivity.

The Diamond doves bring their unusual colouration, their pretty form and their lovely cooing to the community. They are quite solitary, avoiding the hustle of the finches, softbills, etc. They are usually found either perching in a corner or on the ground feeding on seed when no-one else is around.

However, once paired up, they quickly organise nests and breed prolifically. These are more like small platforms on which they sit rather than being circular nests with a depth. The courtship of the male is melodious and accompanied by a display of its tail feathers. It is during this time that the male becomes more distinctive as the red eye ring becomes pronounced and richer in colour.Chicks tend to fall from the nest much before they can fly, relying on their parents care. They then hop around on the ground at first, finding shelter where they can. The parents look after them at this time until they are ready to fledge and fly. They grow unbelievably quickly – their progress being palpable, day by day.

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Conservation Status:

Least concern




Grasslands and savannahs


Seeds, herbs and grasses





Incubation period:

13-14 days

Life Span:

7-10 yrs