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Australian Boobook Owl

Ninox boobook

The Australian boobook is the smallest species of owl found in Australia, known because of their two tone call that translates to the word “boo-book” or “mo-poke” in other areas.

There are 9 subspecies of boobook owl throughout Australia, New Zealand and Indonesia. Colours tend to include dark browns and spots of white, their eyes are a bright yellow.

It doesn’t have the pronounced facial disk that characterises most species of owls, meaning the sense of hearing is not as keenly used as with other species. Instead, the boobook uses its excellent vision and aerial prowess to catch its prey. Prey such as spider, beetles, moths and crickets are caught with precision using incredible eye to talon coordination.

Boobook Owl

fun facts

Conservation Status:

Least concern


Australia, New Guinea, Timor


Forest, shrubland, deserts


Insects, small mammals, birds, amphibians





Incubation period:

35 days

Life Span:

12-15 yrs